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We came, we saw, we ate
Elmo band aids! #mybandaidsarecoolerthanyours #cantwaitforabooboo

Elmo band aids! #mybandaidsarecoolerthanyours #cantwaitforabooboo

MP Taverna in Roslyn

Worst food bloggers EVER! 

We arrived at MP Taverna and were starving! We ordered way more then we could eat (our eyes are always bigger then our stomachs) and didn’t remember to take pictures until the waitress came with a giant bag full of leftovers. O well more of a reason to return. 

Since we have no visuals you will have to trust us when we say everything was amazing! We mainly stuck with Appetizers and every single one was great. MP is essentially Greek food, but it has a new twist to it. You will not get your typical Greek food here everything is served with Chef Michael Psilakis’ signature flair. Even the Galaktoboureko was done in a way we have never seen before. 

We will certainly be back! 

Overall final grades came in at :

Service - B+

Food- A

Atmosphere- B

Brunch at Bob’s Place in Floral Park

Waking up early on a Sunday morning is never fun. However, when you love brunch as much as we do you make an exception. Brunch is probably our favorite meal of the day, and Bob’s Place does a fantastic job every time. 

The French Toast and Crepes are generally the highlight whenever we venture over to Bob’s. It’s like having dessert for breakfast (just don’t tell mom). Overall everything is delicious and highly recommended.

Overall final grades came in at :

Service - B

Food- A

Atmosphere- B+

So, yesterday for our inaugural post the hotties stepped out to The Melting Pot in Farmingdale for Long Island’s Restaurant Week. We have been to TMP before and were fully aware of the high calorific goodness we were getting ourselves into. 

We started our night out at the bar while waiting for our table, I started with a delicious Ginger Martini and the other hottie had a martini simply called Love. Both martinis were delicious, however I must say they were slightly too sweet, so if you’re planning on having more then one drink they may not be the best choice. Finally we got to our table, and placed our order. We opted to add a cheese fondue to our restaurant week menu, and chose to share the Wisconsin trio. As a cheese addict I am so glad we did because it was absolutely delicious. Our salads came shortly after I opted for the wedge, which was delicious and they didn’t skimp on the blue cheese at all (Yum), the other hottie had the California, which she seemed to enjoy.  At TMP it’s really all about the cheese and chocolate so we will fast forward past the entrees to the main attraction - dessert.  Choosing dessert is hard to do because all the options seem great however we chose to indulge in the Cookies ‘n Cream Marshmallow Dream. I’ve always wondered how Priests and Nun’s withstand sex, and I think I figured it out, they must have a lot of chocolate fondue.  AH-MAZ-ING!

Overall final grades came in at :

Service - D ( notice I didn’t mention it, that’s because it barely existed)

Food- B+

Atmosphere- B+